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At Dolarge, we believe in innovations that matters for our connected world, innovations with ‘YOU’ in mind. We do not want to call what we do as a business or a company. Because these two words always mean that the advantage is always on one side. Instead, Dolarge believes in creating a space for innovators. So if you have a crazy idea and you have no idea how to make the world talk about it, you have reached the right place. The crazier(in nerdy terms) the idea, the better.To put it in simple terms, Dolarge is a way of life. We are a team of passionate nerds and professionals dedicated to design, build and optimize solutions, chalk out digital marketing plans and everything that defines our client’s business success



In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas

Experience the right blend of keyword research, content, usability and link building with Dolarge advanced SEO strategy which revolves around delivering ROI to you.
Our well targeted campaigns drive the right audience, attract customers and clients you want to work with, and ensures more control over your budgets and biddings.
Our social media marketing strategy can help your business connect with the right audience, grow an engaging online presence and establish your voice.

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5 ways to benefit from Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager released on October 1, 2012, has been used widely by websites based on different platforms. It is a free to use tag manager and the current usage statistics is around 8% which is nearly 99% more than other websites

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How to determine low-quality pages from Google’s perception

As the profound SEO’s, who think deeply about the factors to rank web pages ahead of the standard recommendations to qualify as high-quality web pages, on the other hand it is essential to determine low-quality pages from Google’s perception.

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5 tips to local SEO’s on reporting data to their customers

Every business has the main objective to bring success to their company and excel in their industry. For that, they should be tracking the ongoing work that brings success in the form of revenue and should be informed perpetually

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