7 Important wordpress plugins for SEO


One of the fundamental duties of the website owners when it comes to exposing their service and products and rise brand awareness in digital world is to choose a standard web-based content management system so as to work remotely and implement the vogue important plugins of SEO on the website. WordPress as one among the handiest web-based content management systems facilitate an organization to work remotely in the website.  Starting from novice to proficient website owners, there are some important WordPress plugins for SEO that allows them to import certain special features for creating an attractive and SEO friendly websites.

So when it comes to optimizing a website the basic step is to pay attention to the contents of your website. SEO yoast (formerly called as WordPress SEO by yoast) is a WordPress plugin that helps to optimize the contents in your webpage.  It is used to optimize the images, titles, sitemaps, and meta descriptions. It allows checking how easy the readability of the content is, gives suggestions for maximum and minimum word limit in sentences, spots sentences starting with the consecutive words, calculates the difficulty level in reading, suggests percentage limits for using transition words and phrases, suggests good length for page title, allows SEO friendly url structure, canonical urls, and internal links.canonical urls ensures that users and search engines are redirected to the correct page of that website.

After creating an optimized web page it is necessary to track the visitors of the website. Google analytics by yoast provides the overview of the audience for your website. You can get the traffic sources like where your website was visited, whether direct, organic, paid, referral or social. The sessions and bounce rates can be analyzed from it.

WP socializer allows adding social media share buttons, icons, customizable share buttons, profile icons, floatable sidebars, and in-built Facebook and Google+ widgets in your website. It gives the opportunity to easily spread the brand into the social networks.

Thrive leads is an email list builder plugin for WordPress. Used to import opt in forms to your website. It offers to design a high quality and easy to implement opt in forms. Thrive leads has different types of opt in forms like lightbox which covers the maximum content to grab more attention, ribbon style opt in form which displays at the top of the website, widget type sidebar forms, slide in form attached at the bottom corner of the screen, screen filter overlay covering the entire page, post footer opt in form for blog posts subscribers to capture the names and email addresses, and inline forms placed within the content.

Contact form 7 an easy to use form and it is the most downloaded by website owners. This allows you to use multiple forms and to customize the look, form fields and contents of the form. It is a multi-language plugin used for preventing spam and supports ajax submitting. A must use plugin for small business owners for creating customized contact forms that suits their website design.

W3 total cache increases the speed of the website. It is necessary to make sure the site handles heavy traffic. The website should load without any crash. It offers a total cache ability like page cache, database cache, browser cache, object cache and integration of CDN in the website. Page cache reduces the load time resulting in increased performance. Browser cache stores all the images, css styles, scripts, graphic images and other multimedia contents in a temporary file that are required to display the website when a user visits the site. Whenever the visitor views the website the contents from cache are used to enhance the data retrieval so the site loads quickly and provides good user experience. When a user performs any responsive actions in website a request object is stored locally for each request so as to increase the performance of the webpage if same kind of request is performed by the user in future. Object caching stores each user requested object locally and serves it for future request.  Content delivery network decreases the server load time and it optimize the website to increase the speed, decrease bounce rate thereby increasing the page views and SERP ranking.

SEO friendly images automatically assign the alt text of the images in the website. Whenever search engines crawls your website it checks for the alt text of the images and if you assign the keyword of the blog/web page in the alt text it will be easy for search engines to index relevant pages in the search result pages. It assigns the alt text to the images automatically if you failed to add one to your images.

Most of the WordPress plugins are free to install and there are more available online similar to those important wordpress plugins for SEO mentioned above to integrate into your website to ensure better performance.  They are easy to implement and don’t need any coding knowledge. Small business owners and new website owners also benefit from the trendy plugins by incorporating them on their websites.

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