7 SEO trends that can make you perform better


It is important to cope with current SEO trends to build a successful online business. As technology changes over period of time to strengthen the security and other essential features it is necessary to stick to the current trends

and leverage the benefit from it. The 7 SEO trends that can make you perform better in online business are

1. Machine learning algorithm to assist search engines

Google’s machine learning algorithm, RankBrain, is now considered as the most important ranking factor. It helps to find a new word and its meaning to the search pages. When a user search for a word which don’t even present in your content the possibility for that user to reach your website increases with the help of this machine learning algorithm being implemented.

2. Voice search

The reason behind voice search is to get faster results. The usage of voice recognition software like Google’s voice search (tool used in mobile phones to make a query search), siri (an intelligent assistant program allow users to give voice commands in mobile phones to operate), cortana (created by Microsoft to handle remainders, answer questions, recognize voice without input from keyboard) has increased over time and it’s obvious that people begun to use voice search for finding information online. So in 2017, conversational search results will be an important trend in search engines.

3. Accelerated mobile pages

Nowadays accessing search engines through mobile phones has increased rapidly by the users. Search engine giants have analyzed this factor and they will give preference to the websites with less loading time and rich content in it. So develop a website with the intention of reducing bounce rate and load time. Accelerated mobile pages are widely used by website developers, publishers and leading software companies to build a flexible, fast and quality websites.

4. Social content plays vital role

To increase the ranking of your website focus on social media posts along with the websites SEO performance factors. It has become a trend to include a separate social media page for every websites as the users of social networks remains the increasing factor.

5. Dense content will be reduced

Readers get bored and uneasy to understand the main idea if your posts are lengthy. To make it more attractive and understandable include a video explaining the concept behind your post clearly. So the addition of dense content with the inclusion of a relevant video is likely to trend in 2017.

6. Secured sites will be most favored

The websites that have no proper security certificates issued will be considered not secure. The chrome browser has introduced the not secure indication in the address bar for websites that are not approved for SSL certificates. Any web page with a transaction and password forms will be considered as not secured page if it is in non-https state. Google will give more preference to websites that are approved with HTTPS and SSL certificates to display on top in the search engines results page.

7. Personal branding will become more essential

Update your activities that you do usually to expand the personal branding. Search engines regularly update the algorithm to identify quality websites to offer top place in SERP. Quality back links from reputable and relevant sources ensures trust among your audience and it allows users to engage more into your website. To match with the companies that brings you quality back links add content with the intention of satisfying the user and this urge them to share the information to their friends in social media and thereby connect people on social media and pull them into your website.

Keep up with the SEO trends for a better website performance and for successful online business. Adopt all the above said trendy techniques to perform better in online business. Remember to give more importance to back links, content, load time of the web pages, security and personal branding as search engines will be giving more preference for them to identifying the quality websites and offer higher ranks in search results page.

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