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As Google is going to shut the site search product, the paid version of custom search engine, on April 1st 2017, it is necessary to consider some of the alternatives to Google’s site search product for your website. Although the product is said to be closed completely on April 1st 2018, the customers who still got their product license can use it with three-month extension to make necessary changes in the website.

The alternate products that are recommended to consider are

Google custom search
Formerly known as Google Co-op, it was launched on October 23, 2016. It allows web developers to present specialized information in web searches, refine labels to categorize it, categorize queries, and create customized search engines. It offers three important services like custom search engine, subscribed links and topics. Custom search engines allows to create own search engines, websites to be used to search information on to remove unwanted sites or information, attach custom search engines to articles. Subscribed links were ceased 15th September 2011. Topics are search words that appear on top of the web search results. Only limited numbers of topics are allowed to display on top of the web search.

Google cloud search
It allows users to find information remotely in laptop, tablet and mobile phones. Just like Google site search it’s designed for company’s G suite. Ranging from drive to documents it helps to answer your questions and provides relevant information to your searches anytime.

Amazon cloudsearch
It is a cloud service used to manage easily scalable search solutions for your website. Search solution contains a collection of web pages, documents, forum posts, or product information. It gives maintenance to your data and traffic. It offers features like text search, Boolean, prefix and range search, highlighting and auto complete suggestion. It allows to search by sorting and filtering the results. Search solution can be build securely within your website by creating a separate domain, uploading the search data in the domain and requesting the data with GET method.

Use the alternatives to the Google site search to add features to your websites to bring relevant and instant information sharing environment. These alternatives match with important features in Google site search and available for free.

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