Half of the Google’s page-1 results are HTTPS


Half of the Google’s page-1 results are HTTPs. HTTPs provides Authentication, data integrity and encapsulation to a website. Authentication helps to find the identity information, Data integrity helps to put passive attackers away from interfering with your data and encapsulation helps for secured data transmission putting attackers away from tampering your data.
Even though websites with secure https protocol weren’t rewarded in Google’s PR, top leading websites have shifted to https. There is a steady increase in the adaptation of HTTP sites since Google announced that https was a ranking signal in august 2014. There was also a tiny increase in https site adaptation that was recorded after Google’s algorithm update.
Web sites that are converted to https: 

Half of the Google’s page-1 results are HTTPS

In the above websites list, the top websites have converted to HTTPs and half of them were switched to HTTPs with only small exceptions.

As the usage of HTTPs sites rate increases day by day, there will be some pressure and expectation for the website owners in the future to switch to an HTTPs site. if you are starting a new website get certified and secure your site status as soon as possible as the users nowadays are aware of the browser warnings indicating the site is secured or not and are wary of choosing the site that guarantees and secure their data. In spite of giving more importance to sites that have the secured website status, Google still continues to give importance to keyword relevancy in the search results page. So always give higher priority to the content’s quality on the website and change to secured status if you consider it as the significant thing.


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