What happens if you’re a target of an SEO attack?


The websites with more attractive and original content are likely the most to get attacked badly by their business competitors. Not all of them involved in attacking the popularity and brand of a company in the negative way or direct attacking. The legal way to beat your competitor is to attack them with the honest working ethics like identifying your audience and producing an attractive content that meets their quest. So what happens if you’re a target of an SEO attack where there is a possibility of getting a negative impact on your audience?

What is an SEO attack?

The company that follows black hat technique to increase their brand, and sales in a rapid phase and also to create a bad impression on their competitors business is the intention of SEO attack.this technique is also called as negative SEO. Although this technique is against the search engine’s algorithm, some companies tend to follow this black hat technique preferably, not concerned very much about the consequences of applying this unlawful practice.

Ways to identify that your website is under attack:

When your analyzed data from Google analytics shows a sudden increase or decrease in the website traffic within a short period of time, then there is a high chance that your website was compromised. The attack is generally carried out through website hacking that can be identified from coding and formatting issues, unwanted negative reviews, and comments filled with Spam links.

Methods to overcome the SEO attack:

If your data analyzed by Google analytics and webmaster tools proves some abnormal changes in the site performance then it is high time for you to consider the precautions that should be taken into account to prevent any further damage to website’s health.

Take necessary actions immediately to stop further serious damages. Important things to do when your website undergoes such attack are

1. Conduct website hygiene test (usually involves website audit) constantly to check the negative SEO activities.
2. Test the website load speed.
3. Do plagiarism check to ensure that your content is not copied to another website.
4. Use Google My Business to remove the fake reviews. Google My Business allows to flag the fake reviews for removal.
5. Produce the same type of quality content for your audience to increase the CTR (Click through rate) and decrease bounce rate. Any dramatic change in CTR and Bounce rate signals that your website is under attack.
6. Check the robot.txt file in the Webmaster tool and set it properly if you found that indexing is affected by any attack.
7. Secure your website with standard protocols that neglect data theft. It has become one of the recommendations to change websites that are hosted using HTTP to HTTPS for getting the top position in the SERP’s.

Follow those above-mentioned methods to overcome an SEO attack. Those who stick with the search engines algorithm are always going to get favored by them and no matter how they get attacked by negative SEO it takes only a single request for the website owners to report the damage to Google and get resolved within short time span. No more fear or guilty feelings for those who abide by the rules and regulations of Google and other search engines and they don’t have to think about situations like “what happens if you are a target of an SEO attack?”.

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