Will my organic rankings suffer if I don’t have a blog?


Will my organic rankings suffer if I don’t have a blog? Well, apart from thinking how to compete with their competitors, when it comes to the online world, it’s the ultimate question that arises in the minds of a novice who is willing to put steps into the online business. Those new business people who think about organic rankings are clear and confident in what they are going to deal with because it’s the basic skill that a novice should possess to reach the business goal.

Nowadays it has become the common practice for a marketing company to make their brand visible to the online world through websites of their own. Even a desirous novice knows it is recommended to have a website that presents all the features and benefits of the service they offer and even presenting detailed information like their clients, a separate page with the list of services and products they offer in order to differentiate them from the competitors.

So having a website that completely explains your area of expertise and your achievements and awards attained during your project, all these things, do you think that will simply increase your brand organically? Organic rankings can be increased only through the SEO techniques like on the page and off page optimization. In spite of losing money in your campaigns that lack in quality content, it is best to start from the basics and focus much on activities that increase organic rankings. Not all of them who invests money in their campaign are failed to get the return of interest, there are few smart workers who even get succeed from their well-determined activities apart from organic like PPC, facebook advertising, YouTube advertising and so on.

As mentioned above, on page activity significantly improve your organic rankings. That can be achieved through an effective blog portraying all the essentials of your services. Consistent blogging will be the key to success. The more your website is active, the more you get favored by search engines to display in the first page. Reaching the first page of the results page in a search engine is the indication that your efforts are not wasted.

The importance of posting blogs:
Always post blogs that are useful for both new and returning readers. New, here it means those who are at the beginning stage of their career researching for tips to improve their skills. It creates the brand awareness if they liked your blog and share it with their colleagues and co-workers. In that case, you even get business opportunities that may lead to long-term collaboration.

Rich Snippets: create a website with properly structured data in order to be seen on the first page with snippets displaying the reviews and ratings. Schema.org helps to deliver the rich snippets for your website once you add it to your website and it is a shared markup vocabulary recognized by search engines.

Blogs help to add targeted keywords. The standard way of adding keywords to get a higher position and increase the page rank is to add the keywords at the starting and concluding part of the blog. Search engines easily understand what your blog is about from the keywords at the starting and concluding part.

Add internal links connecting to the older blog post and make it active as you get views to the older blogs from the new ones you post regularly. It increases the user experience which is one of the important ranking factors.

Final thoughts
Will my organic rankings suffer if I don’t have a blog? Yes. It is the essence of organic ranking. Writing blogs helps to involve in communication with your customers when they comment their opinion on the products and this opinion helps to attract future customers. The organic ranking is the main factor that you earn from your efforts you put into your business and it is the fundamental step taken into account while starting the online business. If you master the skills to increase organic ranking, expanding brand awareness through paid ads will become optional. Proactive blogging helps to improve organic ranking and I would say yes if you ask “will my organic rankings suffer if I don’t have a blog.”

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