Google officially changes Sitelinks design to carousel format


Over a year of testing, Google has confirmed on July 25th, 2017, Sitelinks with the carousel based design for mobile users. The previous Sitelinks design was simply plain text links. With this new carousel format, users can easily swipe

from left to right and back again across the Sitelinks.

Sitelinks are additional links within the snippets – purpose is to display other main links of a website so that the users can jump into them if they find it relevant to their search.

Old format:
The older Sitelinks format is just the plain text that links to the other important web pages in your website. Check the below image for an example of the old Sitelinks design.

Old Sitelinks format

New look:
This older look has been updated by Google for a better user experience. A carousel based design has been implemented for navigating through the links by swiping. Check the below image of mobile view of a website with new Sitelinks design.

New Sitelinks format

Sitelinks are automatically generated by Google’s algorithm. It automatically set the Sitelinks for your website based on the contents that are considered important and relevant to the information it offers to the readers. For new websites, it will take some time to set Sitelinks as the algorithm calculates the relevancy and significance of the content you add regularly and implement it when it’s ready.

You can see an option at the Google Webmaster tools search appearance where you can remove/demote any link that you don’t need it to appear on the search results page. The links that you no longer needed can be removed by entering the Url and by hitting Demote button. Your request for the removal of the entered URL will be sent to Google and it will be removed from the search results page.

Final thoughts:
To be seen separately from your competitors in a unique way, you need to implement all the SEO features that help to increase brand awareness. Similar to Sitelinks, the Markup is also important for a website, which can be implemented by file. Structured data and Rich snippets can be added using file. To make it simple, brand, quality content, well-structured site, and even internal links and sitemaps assist Google algorithm to assign Sitelinks to a website. Design website in a way that can be altered easily in the feature to cope up with the algorithm changes and updates of the search engines.


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