Google confirms testing auto-play videos in the search results


Google is testing an experiment for auto-play videos in the search result page. When a user search for queries like “watch movies” or “watch” the video in the knowledge panel will auto-play.The play button thumbnail will be removed when this feature is live.

Like Facebook auto- play, YouTube ad auto-play in the home page, Google is testing for auto-play videos in the search results page. The knowledge panel which contains the video for the search query relating to watch movies or TV shows will be set to auto-play.

Check the below example image for the location of auto-play video in the knowledge panel for your query that is related to “watch” video. In the image the auto-play video will be placed at top followed by the ratings, reviews and other details.

Google confirms testing auto-play videos in the search results

Although this test was kept secret, it is not open to everyone. The sole purpose of this feature is to increase the user experience. We all know that auto-play can reduce user interference but consumes data. In that case, it is annoying for those who have limited data when concerned with internet data usage.

We have come across several feedback requests from Google, most frequent one like youtube user experience rating for its design and appearance update etc. Likewise, a video will auto-play for those who are in this experiment, as Google is still testing this experiment.

Google is making all the efforts to their users for a better user experience. The consistency in updates and confirmation makes it the better search engine for both the desktop and mobile users. Their recent breadcrumb URL update for mobile users was the noticeable one for their consistency in making innovative changes in search results. Now Google is testing auto-play videos in the search results which will eventually be one of the best updates in their list of innovative updates as it is concentrating on the user experience.

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