Content marketing is basically creating attractive contents of your website’s features and pulling targeted audience to your business from it.

In today’s digital marketing era it has become harder for the content marketers to stand out to reach the audience by creating attractive videos, blogs, images, and documents.

“Modern marketing is about taking risks and not being afraid to fail. No matter how much we research and study our audience, we’re not always going to hit the mark when we create content. The key is to recognize the failures, learn from them, and move on. And the way to do this is simple … measure everything!” – Gurdeep Dhillon (global vice president of audience marketing and content strategy for SAP, and is a recognized leader in B2B Content Marketing)

Content marketing tips in order to be successful:
1.Content should be attractive and unique from other competitors.
2.Use social networks to increase the reach of your content marketing.
3.Promote your content through a .com domain. A .com domain ranks higher in search result pages.
4.Write posts with long-form content in a way that should help improve your rank, traffic and value to the reader.
5.Write guest blogs in some guest blogging sites and create back link to your site. This increases traffic as well as company’s brand.
6.Don’t use more words in the title than needed. Use short, simple, optimized titles for your blogs.
7.Attach your email in the content as email increases direct interaction with your business customers and offer ways to increase lead generation.
8.Blog consistently. Marketers who blog daily get at least one customer through their blog than those who blog monthly.
9.Share your own ideas and use social sharing buttons next to your content.
10.Pay close attention to your analytics so to keep tracking of most popular topics and content types that are bringing in or driving traffic to your site.
11.Always keep the focus on your audience when you produce content, no matter what channel or type.
12.Make reference to influencers by linking to their quotes within your content.
13.Gather your content to reach a new audience and drive referral traffic back to your site.
14.Don’t force to write a good content writing. Write your content when you feel right and try different times of the day.
15.Use the principles of conversion optimization to generate leads and sales. The process of changing and testing different elements of your website in order to increase the overall conversion is called conversion optimization.

The ultimate goal of every content marketer is to drive more traffic to their website and this goal can be achieved by following these simple and efficient tips. Based on trends in the digital marketing era different set of approaches needs to be adopted for content marketing.

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