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Whenever an average bloggers posts something interesting, it is natural for them to expect numerous traffic on their blog post, likes, comments, shares and even clicks on their affiliate links (if any). But what they usually get is truly nothing. It appears that their article is not seen by anyone, let alone anyone has even read it. Their overall feeling is solitary and secluded in the blog post, which is truly not motivational for any blogger.

Glitches in blog posts: Reason for less traffic?

We have observed this anomaly with all the major blog posts of professional bloggers, internet companies and even those platforms that are occupying top organic rankings on search engine result pages. Although understanding such a crisis can be difficult, but it is not impossible to conclude why there is almost no traffic on your blog post. When you write an article and post it, you are generally competing with hundreds and even thousands of other bloggers writing on the same niche. The readers are always targeted and few, so in order to get their attention, you need to write an article that is truly exceptional and unique. Producing a great quality article may require a little extra time, money and your other resources, but there are also some other tips and techniques that can help you build traffic on your blog page, and even drive to wherever you want.

For an instance, if you are travel bloggers and you want to help travelers to explore more, enhance their traveling experience and enjoy to the fullest then you need to produce an article that targets traveling community as well as other potential travelers. You may guide them to a place, present a plan or an itinerary, places of interest of any specific city or country and much more. You can also tell them with your article how to compare flights online to find the most suitable and economical flight to their destination. It will certainly capture some eyes, as everyone is crazy about discounts.

So today we want to post 5 essential tips that can help you to drive traffic to your blog page, and drive it to your website, any other webpage, or even on an affiliate link. None of these tips and tactics are hard to implement and they do play an important role to build up traffic, likes, comments, and shares. So let’s initiate this noble work to bring some traffic from your blog page.

5 Essential tips that can help you to drive traffic from your blog page:

1. Hire a good writer:

One of the best tips that we can give our readers is to hire an experienced, skillful, creative and qualified writer, who can deliver the nature of your blog post to your esteemed audience. Your writer should always write influential articles on topics that have high traffic on search engines. Sometimes people tend to write their articles themselves, as they think it is no big deal. However, if you are not a professional and experienced writer, we highly advise going against this move.

A good writer always places important keywords in the article body that looks natural to the search engine algorithm and the readers. You also need to tell facts that your readers didn’t know too well. The basic aim of any good writer is to build interest of its readers. If there is no interest, then the article will be worthless. It will also increase the bounce rate of your blog, which will further result in a decreased page and domain authority.

Always stick to the niche that is important to the readers. Your topics should be trendy. Not only they will help to capture the attention of your readers, it is also easier to write on trending topics. Although you will need to pay these writers, as nothing comes for free, you should always focus on the results and success of your blog pages. Building a genuine and relevant traffic should be your utmost concern, and you should always be focused on how to achieve this target.

2. Satisfy the search engine algorithm:

In this digital era, search engine algorithms looking for relevant content to show them up at the top of their SERPs, you have multiple opportunities to optimize your blog’s content. Appearing on top search keywords is an amazing chance to build traffic on your blog page and later drive it to your website, web page or affiliate site. What truly amazing with search engine algorithms and latent semantic indexing is, that you can target a specific keyword, but you can also rank on a relevant keyword. Moreover, UX/UI, logo design, content also plays vital role these days. Remember to keep these aspects in mind.

You can use a few backlinks in your content body over relevant anchor words, to enhance the ranking of any other web page. You can also use internal links to products, other blog posts and web pages to increase your own page and domain authority.

3. Using the right content in your tweets: 

Twitter offers you only 140 characters to write in your Tweets. So it is imperative to use your every character wisely. You should also use keywords and text, which is optimized in a way to encourage readers and followers to click on your provided blog link. Different surveys conducted by online media outlets have concluded that more than 70% of bloggers weren’t taking any advantage of this tip to drive traffic on their blog page.

Learn methods to shorten your sentences, without changing their meanings and delivery of the speech. You can also use generic messages, including post titles, Twitter handles, and URL.

4. Share on social media:

A blog post is will always be unread, with zero traffic and no views until and unless it is shared on social media platforms. Social media are the best way to engage traffic and direct them to your blog. It helps businesses and individuals to launch their brands, viral their content, share their blogs and stories, and much more. It has numerous benefits to it and you should always use it as a weapon. You can also run your blog posts as an ad on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and much more.

5. Initiating email marketing: 

Sending out promotional offers and newsletters on daily basis to your subscribers is an amazing way to promote your blogs. It will help you to build a considerable traffic on your blog pages, from where it can be driven to anywhere.

You can also ask your readers for their output, reviews, and feedback along with a recommendation to their friends and contact list. Email marketing is an old method to spread the word, but it is still in use and very much appreciated if it is not a spam. One email per day is more than enough for your readers, as we don’t suggest you to bombard their email inboxes with multiple emails. It can also result in permanent unsubscribe from your list. You can also ask for an email subscription to all the new readers and customers on your website.

Main Takeaways:

Follow the above mentioned steps according to your needs in your blog page and drive traffic from there. You may be a busy owner and a good writer of your company but sometimes to focus on other important potential areas of your business it is  necessary to hire a good writer and post right and related content. One of the search engine optimization ranking factors is social integration to your business website and most importantly responding to their queries at time. In that way, you earn their trust.  Email your subscribers about the important business related  upcoming events, post blogs about the event and add call to action like share this blog with your friends and contact list to check their views on this topic. This 5 tips will definitely drive traffic from your blog page and help to achieve  your business goal if you implement it in an effective way.

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