5 tips to local SEO’s on reporting data to their customers

Every business has the main objective to bring success to their company and excel in their industry. For that, they should be tracking the ongoing work that brings success in the form of revenue and should be informed perpetually

about the data from their clients who take major part in collecting those data and reporting it back to the business owners.

Reporting the exact data to them would not help them completely get into understanding which data played the prominent role in achieving success. Despite understanding data, they will expect a plain statement that is significant for the success.

Here are the 5 most important tips to show ROI:
1. Put an end to automated report sending tactics:
As a marketer, it will be a fascinating task to record and analyze data from Google analytics tool and to find which page brings leads and how conversion takes place. But the customers are not going to get interested from the tracking techniques and tasks you carried on. In spite of this backtracking work, they will get attracted only to the statement you put forth and explain the details in their own context. Too much data and automatic reporting will never help to attract them. So stop doing such auto reporting tricks and communicate in detail with written message or email and arbitrate through voice communication if you need to continue and grow your career with them.

2. Avoid reporting like a novice:
General work of a novice is to report data from the keywords section which their customers already ranked in a reasonable spot and indicating the current rank. This will not be interesting for them, instead send the reports that contains final data that focus on the conversions a lot.

3. Use software to identify NAP of the callers:
There is software like Call IQ, Call Tracking Metrics and Call Rail out in the market to focus additionally on Name, Address and Phone numbers of the callers who reach the website. They allow you to add a tracking number to the source like an advertising channel and a receiving number on the website is needed from which callers can communicate back. During this process of communication between the caller and the customer, each caller is tracked and it will be recorded for feature reports while SEO’s send reports. Call tracking software allows you to provide exact data about the caller and if they get converted into customer, it is added advantage to mention it in the report.

4. Calculate revenue:
Revenue is based on the average lifetime value of the customer, closing ratio of the leads and number of conversions. Ask for these factors to estimate revenue and act according to it for providing additional revenue to the business. Formula to calculate revenue is given below,

R = N. O. C   x   C. R   x   L.V.O.C

Where R is the Revenue,
N.O.C is the Number of Conversions,
C.R is the Close Ratio and,
L.V.O.C is the Lifetime Value Of the Customer.

5. Show progress then and there:
Once you find a significant change from the previous status of the factors that contributed to the higher rank of the page or product is receiving positive reviews and ratings, take screenshots of the before and after factors and report it to the customers for better utilization for the growth analysis.

Final thoughts:
Always submit reports with accurate and apt data to the customers. Too much data is not what they expect and their interest on your efforts will be best returned in terms of leads and clients to them. Follow the above 5 tips to show ROI to your customers to make them assure credibility in your company.

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