The recent update made by Google in the Text Ads display, is a major change after Adwords which was launched 15 years ago. With the new update, advertisers who were scrambling for ad copy space to frame words can use upto 140 characters and with a 2X bigger display. This will present greater visibility to grab user’s attention and also provide with more Information about your products and services.

  1. Expanded Ads will display 2x bigger text Ads – 47% bigger than your current ad text.This will mean better and greater visibility.
  2. Expanded Text ads will show across all devices – desktop and mobile, and will automatically wrap based on the device display size.
  3. Expanded Text Ads now allows a total of 140 characters of ad copy space, marking the end of the current 25-35-35 limits.
  4. Advertisers now can have two 30-character headlines. Headlines, which were limited to  25-characters will now increase by 140 percent..
  5. Google’s new expanded text ads will automatically pull their domain for your display URL from your final URL, so saving a lot of work for SEMs.
  6. With more text and space to play with, expanded ads will definitely bring greater visibility and increased CTR

The key is to optimize relevance and ad quality, and Dolarge Technologies has the necessary expertise to make sure that only the best and the most qualified traffic is brought in. Do get in touch with us at support@dolarge.com  to know more about expanded text ads.

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