9 pitfalls that can get you fired in SEO

The title may be disturbing for some SEO agencies that were skeptical in what they are doing with their clients. Any company or professional who is not doing their work in a proper and planned way does not bring any positive result, may get fired by their clients or boss. To sustain in any industry it is good to implement the standard strategies and on the other hand is very important to know the pitfalls that can get you fired in that industry.

Following are the pitfalls that can get you fired in SEO:

1. Lack of clarity around methods – the methods that are carried out for the campaign should be well explained to the clients. They should know what is happening with the campaigns.

2. Drop in rankings – when there is sudden drop in rankings it is clear indication that proper SEO is not carried out in the campaign process.

3. Failed to achieve long-term targets – most clients seek an SEO agency to get a target that can be in long –term relationship with them. Failed to do so make them unsatisfied and lead to contract termination.

4. Out dated SEO techniques – it is not possible to get appear in search engines result page unless you implement SEO techniques on the basis of the updated algorithms in the website that search engines follow to fetch websites. A search engine updates the algorithms regularly to prevent spamming and duplicate content from being fetched into their results page.

What are all the out dated SEO techniques?

• Creating internal links with low usability to user and high usability for search engines.
• Creating separate pages for all keywords alternatives instead targeting a single page for all the keyword alternatives. Ex. “Running shoes”, “formal shoes”, “jogging shoes” etc. are the alternatives for the keyword shoes.
• Publishing articles in press release and directories that are penalized by search engines. Search engines won’t count the links from those penalized sites.
• Multiple micro sites, separate domains with same target.
• Matching keywords with domain names. Ex. “running-shoes.net”, ”walking-shoes.co”, ”jogging-shoes.shop” here shoe is the keyword.

5. Unethical practices/manual practices – when search engines discovers any unethical technique being used in your website, they ban the website or penalize for low ranking.

Some of the unethical practices are

• Using too many keywords in a page.
• Repeatedly using the too many keywords in the title, heading, subheadings.
• Using the duplicate content i.e. same content on several pages in your website.
• Using urls which are difficult to crawl by crawlers/spiders.
• Including other sites copyrighted content without concerning their permission.
• Too many keywords with internal links in the footer.
• Matching the keywords font color with the background color with the intention of creating usability for search engine.

6. Bad reporting – Producing a good report on website performance also for the clients analysis makes them feel trusted that they are having their business in the right path to success. Explain every metrics being analyzed whenever they ask for clarity. Client should know what work is being carried out in the website. Bad reporting refers to failing to produce reports regularly, not reporting as soon as the client demands the report, failing to analyze, explain and comprehend the data, failing to report monthly and yearly.

7. Budget re-allocation – allocating the budget before the end of a seasonal event or marketing campaign brings positive result. Re-allocation after the relevant period could bring waste of resources and time.

8. Giving unrealistic goals – do not promise to give goals without concerning the consequences you face in future if you don’t achieve the goal within the target time.

9. Getting spammy back links – inappropriate link building and link building in irrelevant websites.

Use the advanced and updated techniques that match the standards required by search engines to expose your brand globally. Follow the steps described above to get updated with search engines algorithm and earn trust from the users.

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