Google launched more than 1600 new changes last year

Last year, Google has made some important updates to its search algorithm and has tried various tests and experiments on search results to present quality content. One of their recent algorithm updates was “Project owl” which is mainly helpful to surface authoritative content and move down low-quality content from top search engine results page.

They made these launches based on the live traffic experiments and other experiments and test on search quality. It has launched 1,653 changes in search quality based on 9,800 live traffic experiments and 18,015 other experiments and tests.

What these live experiments and other search quality tests include?

9800 Live experiments were carried out to observe real users interaction on a feature. It will be tested on a small quantity of user’s interaction on the feature and after collecting sufficient data from those users’ interactions on the feature; it is compared with the users that did not have the feature enabled. Data contains details about what people click on, how many queries were done, and how many queries were abandoned, how long it takes for a user to click on a result, and so on. These data’s are used with an intention of finding users engagement with the new feature and to make sure whether these changes increase the relevancy and usefulness of the results for the users.

1, 30,336 Search quality tests are conducted by collaborating with external search quality raters. These raters evaluate how relevant was the information on the website and they evaluate the quality of the content based on proficiency, reliability, and authoritativeness of the content. Search quality rater guidelines were published to the search quality raters to be aware of the appropriate ratings. This test is important to ensure that high-quality results are maintained for the users.

Search quality evaluators are given other side-by-side experiments to check which results they prefer out of two different sets of search results, one with changes already implemented and other without changes.

So it is obvious that Google will keep maintaining high quality search results for their users by the new launches and updates from time to time, to surface high-quality content and to demote low-quality content in search results.

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