How to use Google keyword planner for keyword research

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to start your keyword research. It is the first keyword research tool of every SEO professional.

What makes Google Keyword Planner a darling of internet marketers is of it’s use.

Add to above, the tool is free to use.

Here is what you need to get started on google keyword planner:

First Step

Google Keyword Planner is for AdWords users hence you need an AdWords account to access the tool. And it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes in setting an account, if you don’t have one.


Keyword Planner is in the Tools tab in the toolbar. Click on Tools and select GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER in the drop down menu.

how to use google keyword planner for keyword researchSecond Step

The Keyword Planner will present you three different tools in its drop down menu. These tools are:

• Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category
• Get search volume data and trends
• Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords

These three tools will help in finding perfect keywords for your SEO campaigns.

How to use google keyword planner for keyword research

Let’s see how these tools work

1# Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category

Find new keywords with this tool but remember that Google will suggest the words and/or phrases closely related to the searched terms. This tool has three broad search options and three secondary search options.

Broad search options

Your product or service: Start your keyword research with entering the product or service you are offering. The search quality will depend on the search terms.

Your landing page: It is primarily for AdWords users but you can also find good keywords using homepage of your website.

Your product category: This search option is more valuable than the others because it provides access to Google’s internal database of keywords. Here you can find keywords you missed in other search options.

Secondary search options

Targeting: There are four tabs in Targeting. The first one is for country and language; the second tab is for search engine and the third tab is for Negative Keywords. While you can easily choose the country, language and search engine, you would need someone to help in choosing Negative Keywords. This tab is for AdWords and it shows the keywords you don’t want to publish on.

Customize your search:It is a little bit complex option with a drop down menu that includes the following options.

• Keyword filters for selecting words for targeting like setting a minimum volume for targeted keywords and also setting a minimum bid for keywords.

• Keyword options allow broad selection of keywords. It has an AdWords only option.

• Keywords to include are words you want to appear in the targeted keywords. Include important words in your keywords and click on Get Ideas to see the new keywords.

How to use google keyword planner for keyword research

2# Get search volume and data trends

This tool is for those who already have a list of keywords to target. It helps check search volume of those words. You can enter the keywords by copy pasting or upload the list in a CSV file.

After uploading the targeted keywords, you can change the setting in Targeting just like you did above. Select your country, language, search engine and Negative Keywords to change the setting. After making settings, you can click on Get Search Volume to find search volume of the keywords entered.

How to use Google keyword planner for keyword research

3# Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas

It is an amazing tool as it can find a gem from keywords. It has lists of keywords. You enter keywords in the lists and allow the tool to mix all the words to produce a surprising list of keywords that are more than unique. While most of the keywords would look odd, you can expect finding gems on the list.

When you’re done with the keywords, you can check their search volume by changing settings in Targeting and the clicking on Get Search Volume.

How to use Google keyword planner for keyword research

Google Keyword Planner results

The result page will show fine details of keywords searched and also you will get Targeting and Filtering option on the result page. The search results will be raw but you can make the result useful by filtering the keywords. For instance, the low volume keywords should be removed from the final list of targeted keywords.

Also, there are two important tabs Ad group ideas and Keyword ideas on the result page. While both the tabs are helpful in giving right keyword suggestions, it is Ad group ideas tab that is more useful than the other.

How to use Google keyword planner for keyword research

Ad group ideas: The page gives names of Ad groups that could be awesome search results for your SEO campaign. If you click on an Ad group name, you will see the keywords listed in that group. It is like quick shopping for keywords.

Keyword ideas: This tab show search results in different small tabs

• Search Terms that are the exact keywords searched
• Keyword by relevance has the words relevant to your search
• Average monthly searches of the keywords
• Competition shows the number of advertisers using the keywords
• Suggested bid has bids suggested by Google. Higher bids promise targeted traffic

Find keywords with search volume data

Choose one of the keywords from keywords by relevance and click on “add to plan”. On the right hand side, there is review plan tab. Click on that tab and enter the highest bid for that keyword. You will see the exact number of search volume for that keyword in “impressions”. Multiply the impressions with 30 to find the exact volume data of that keyword.

How to use Google keyword planner for keyword research


Google Keyword Planner is an amazing tool because of its user-friendly features. It provides unlimited freedom to search keywords. You can search new keywords; study search volume of your keywords and create an amazing list of keywords by mixing several lists.

GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER has different search results for different needs like Ad group ideas and keyword ideas. It is like a Swiss army knife of digital marketing professionals that are always looking for keywords to target.

Hope this tutorial helps in making most of the Google Keyword Planner.

Thanks for your time.


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