twitter 8 new pilot series with in-stream video support


Twitter announces 8 new pilot series supported by in-stream video content sponsorship. Due to increased revenue from twitter video views, Twitter has announced 30 video content deals with big brands to make use of this factor.

At the NewFronts event, the micro blogging website has announced this premium deal. The integral part of this event is to link brands with the original creators and increase the in-stream video sponsorship opportunities.

In-stream videos are used to attract the targeted audience by displaying ads at the beginning, in-between or at the end of a video. For example, consider YouTube’s in-stream, in-search, and in-display ads.

Many marketing experts are familiar with in-stream videos as they use it regularly in their marketing techniques to promote their business. On the other hand for a visitor, they might have come across in-stream videos but they are not aware of its good intention. Another form of video advertisement is the in-banner advertisement which displays videos similar to that of an in-stream video.

Twitter has planned to utilize this type of ads at higher level marketing deals. They have announced 30 video content deals and the platform which is going to connect the brands with the creators is Niche, who works for the success of many talented creators across the digital world. It increases the opportunity for both the brands and the video content creators to benefit from such deals. The outcome of linking creators with brands is increased revenue and popularity.

Twitter’s 8 new pilot series are listed below:

1. Born and Bred.
2. Wolf It Down.
3. Voodoo Dating.
4. City Tours.
5. Bar Stars.
6. Paint Away.
7. Style Series.

The video contains creative, high quality scripted series with in-stream video brand support. One among 30 of its dealers, Walt Disney Company also confirmed this deal with Twitter to provide the live content and advertising opportunities for its ESPN programs.

The increased local mobile search contributed more to creating a new business API for Google. Similarly, for twitter increased video views gave them a new idea on in-stream video sponsorship deals. Be creative with your website traffic data and make the most of it.

Source: Marketing Land
Image source: Designed by Harryarts /Freepik

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