why big brands shouldn't ignore SEO

 The process of building organic traffic to a brand new website isn’t so easy. SEO’s know how long it takes to increase the visibility of a new website organically. It is same for those big brands whose name is more enough to describe who they are and how familiar they are in the online world. Big brands shouldn’t ignore SEO in some case where they need to depend on SEO.

The process involves building authority, producing relevant and unique content and implementing SEO techniques according to the search engines current algorithm. All of this takes time.
When considering the big brands it isn’t about attracting new visitors. Its lot more about maintaining the online presence and the user experience that offers to the users. Still if you think those big brands don’t need SEO for their websites that would be a splendid mistake.

The pros of big brands:
The Vince update by Google in 2009 has been a noticeable change and it boosted the big brands with a forward push into the search results. The update is considered as the minor change that brings forth the importance and value of a page from the trust it earned. Of course, big brands have more trust than the smaller brands and have many links and citations across web.

Big brands – A firm base for advertising:
Big brands as they have more trust it is more likely devoted for advertising. Consider an example where a big company is building its awareness through Television. Here the possibility of user interaction is less and it only gives them brand awareness. But there are websites which contains many online ads and links to the company’s website spread across the web that will drive the user to it. In this case, even big brands need SEO to avoid 404 pages that might be caused due to its recent URL changes or modification in the website. If the users driven to the 404 page from the online ads spread across the website, it will cause bad user experience. So, big brands shouldn’t ignore SEO.

SEO’s support for big brands user experience:
SEO plays the vital part in providing good user experience for Big Brands that lacks enough load time. Even the attractive brands needs to fasten their page load time. Here either they can build website with limited design features that are sufficient enough to load on the visitor’s side or they must seek SEO assistance for better page load. Big brands must implement all the design features so as to attract their visitors with trendy images and videos so they shouldn’t ignore SEO.

SERP brand guidance:
Every big brand and other similar popular websites get their presence in the knowledge panel of the search engine result page. SEO offers significant guidance to improve their presence within the knowledge panel. Knowledge panel consists of the brand name, logo followed by other important details of the company. For a new website it takes some time to allot knowledge panel in the SERP as the Google algorithm calculates the site’s online performance and reach. Only after completely calculating its purpose and brand awareness knowledge panel is allotted for them. But, for brands that have already reached the pinnacles of familiarity soon gets their knowledge panel in my point of view. In that case, the details in the knowledge panel should be maintained and optimized for better user experience.

Final thoughts:
Whether its websites that have very small familiarity or the ones that have a big brand, all of them need SEO to implement in order to cope up with the algorithms and updates that were made regularly, to enhance safety and security to the websites that are most trusted by the online users around the world. It is a must need technique every website on the web. What will be the cause of ignoring SEO when it is time that most search engines experimenting and testing mobile first index and soon confirm it? You will lose a massive amount of mobile traffic. The attempt of testing mobile first index is obviously due to the increase in the use of mobile users around the world. Big brands or smaller brands, all need SEO to make updates to their website. So that’s why big brands shouldn’t ignore SEO.

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