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Increase in lead flow


Website traffic growth


Revenue growth

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About Macrosoft

Macrosoft IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd, which provides technology and development support for Macrosoft Inc., USA is a state-of-the-art information technology company based at Technopark, Trivandrum. Macrosoft India, has been a true business partner for over a decade to many Fortune 500 companies as a leading provider of consulting services in software development and system integration.

Challenges faced

Macrosoft has been providing migration services for over a decade, assisting businesses to migrate their legacy systems to a more modern technology and platform. (Applications built on legacy solutions like FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, Clipper, MS Access etc., to be migrated to the .NET Framework and SQL Server DB technologies). But they faced difficulties in getting more number of leads for Migrate to .NET service.

Choosing DoLarge Technologies

Inspired by DoLarge’s blog posts, presentations and customer success stories, Macrosoft took a look at the comprehensive marketing platform. They compared it with other top Digital Marketing agencies, but choose DoLarge to promote Macrosoft’s Migrate to .NET service because of its high potential, extensive features and how it aligned with Macrosoft’s Marketing needs.


DoLarge team listened to the customer pain points carefully, analyzed and provided the right Digital marketing strategy. We have provided the End-to-End Digital Marketing solutions which includes Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, Marketing Research, Paid Search, Lead Generation, Analytics, Marketing campaigns, Conversion Optimization, etc.,


Since becoming a DoLarge client, Macrosoft’s Migrate to .NET Service has achieved its aim of getting more visitors to convert. Website traffic is up by 5x, while lead generation has increased by 4.5x. As well as this, it is nurturing impressive numbers of leads through the entire funnel.